How to Apply


Do You want EPA Talent to represent you? 

Here's how!


Please see our tips on applying before following the application link to give your talent the best chance of a successful application.

We will require a recent photograph of your child and self tape.

Clothing Tips

- Plain Clothes with no large logos or stripes.

Photograph Tips

If you have a professional headshot then great, but if not don't worry a mobile phone will do the trick.

- Make sure you mobile/camera lens is clean.

- Find a plain background to photograph against.

- Make sure your child is well lit, if you cannot find a bright enough place inside then find a suitable location outside. 

- No filters! Unedited images please.

- You can submit up to three images so feel free to show different emotions in each photo with at least one showing teeth.

-Include a least one full length photo and Headshot.

We will not accept applications in costumes or with other people in them.

Self Tape Tips

- Your self tape should include:

Song: A short verse & chorus

Acting: Perform a short poem or monologue

Dance (optional): Any footage of you performing.

- No longer then 2 Minutes 30 Seconds.

- See photograph tips above for background and lighting tips.

Are you ready?

Please fill in our application form via this link:

Apply Here


Bright, fresh & exciting young Talent in the UK