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How to Apply


Do You want EPA Talent to represent you? 

Here's how!

Please note EPA Talent is a sole talent agency, specialising in Film, Television and Theatre.


Children Applications:

We will require a recent photograph of your child and self tape. 


Please see our tips on applying before following the application link to give your child the best chance of a successful application.

Clothing Tips

- Plain Clothes with no large logos or stripes.

Photograph Tips

If you have a professional headshot then great, but if not don't worry a mobile phone will do the trick.

- Make sure you mobile/camera lens is clean.

- Find a plain background to photograph against.

- Make sure your child is well lit, if you cannot find a bright enough place inside then find a suitable location outside. 

- No filters! Unedited images please.

- You can submit up to three images so feel free to show different emotions in each photo with at least one showing teeth.

-Include a least one full length photo and Headshot.

We will not accept applications in costumes or with other people in them.

Self Tape Tips

- Your self tape should include:

Acting: Perform a short poem or monologue

Optional, if you'd like to be considered for musical theatre roles:

Song: A short verse & chorus

Dance: Any footage of you performing.

- No longer then 2 Minutes 30 Seconds.

- See photograph tips above for background and lighting tips when self taping.

Adult Applications:

We will require your CV, Showreel and Spotlight link (if you have one)

Are you ready?

Please fill in our application form via this link:

Apply Here


Bright, fresh & exciting Talent in the UK

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